Enhance your Carbon Black World experience with an available Workshop

Enhance your Carbon Black World experience at the  Cutting Edge Concerns: Emergent Materials and Intelligent Tires Workshop. 

Tuesday, May 24th 1:30 - 4:30pm

The average consumer may not see the tire and rubber industry as among the most innovative. Consumers might simply see a tire as round, black and reliable – until it isn’t. But that image flies in the face of the tremendous innovation that has happened – and is happening – within the industry.

Katrina Cornish , formerly the VP of Research and Development at Yulex and now a professor and researcher at The Ohio State University, will provide attendees with in-depth insight into new materials to supplement and support sustainable efforts across the industry. From guayule to dandelions, Dr. Cornish will lead an interactive workshop on the opportunities – and challenges – that come with the bio-based materials landscape.

Looking into the future of finished tire products, Art Mayer  will lead participants in a discussion and exploration of some of the most promising technologies in smart tires. As a consultant to Smithers Rapra, Mr. Mayer reports on numerous aspects of the tire and rubber industries, from market-based outlooks into the future of tires and materials to the development of intelligent tires and sensor-enabled technologies. Here he will focus explicitly on the next twenty plus years of tire development, especially focusing on sensors, intelligent tires, smart tires, adaptive tires and more. Expect a robust discussion around the next five years and immediate opportunities – but also a futuristic glance at what might emerge for the tires of the future.

Attendees in this workshop will gain insight and have the opportunity to interact on each end of the tire and materials development spectrum. You will leave with in-depth insight, participate in robust discussions and further your knowledge of where innovation is at the cutting edge. Time will be provided to cover your questions, comments and insights about where the industry is now – and where it might be going. 

This workshop is $299 and only registered Traction Summit and Carbon Black World delegates may attend.  Space is limited so reserve your place today!

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