Doright Co., Ltd.

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Doright Co., Ltd., is a professional supplier for Carbon Black Equipment and Engineering Package, Energy Recovery and Heat Recycling Solution, Pressure Vessels and Special Process Equipment. We obtained the certificate/license for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ASME “U”&”S”, China’s design and manufacture license of special equipment - A1/A2, Boiler “Class-A”, Installation, Alteration, Repair & Maintenance License of Special Equipment – Pressure Pipeline, NB, experience of PED, IBR, DOSH, etc. Our carbon black products include Quench Boiler, Air Pre-Heater, Soot Blower, Waste Heat Boiler, Oil Pre-Heater, Rotary Dryer, Carbon Black Feeder, Pelletizer, Bag Filter, Bucket Elevator, Rotary & Divert Valve, Rotary & Vibrating Screen, Packing Machine, etc. In carbon black industry, as the only member of Chinese Carbon Black Industry Association who is the identity of equipment supplier, our clients cover all over the world, which include all the top 10 carbon black manufacturing enterprises in the world. We always focus on the development and Clients’ value, work on the solutions of heat recycling to help client find their further competitiveness. We will insist on our Principle – “Do Right Things and Do Things Right”.