2016 Programme

Wednesday 25 May 2016 

Thursday 27 May 2016

The Future of Our Industries

Feedstock, Materials and Equipment

  • Transportation and Vehicles in the Future | University of Michigan
  • Influence of Technology on the Future of Automobiles and Drivers | J.D. Power
  • Electric and Autonomous Vehicles and Tire Needs | Smithers Rapra
  • What Do Tire Makers Want from Materials? | The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
  • Transportation and Logistics Innovation for Fleets | TSD Logistics
  • Carbon Black Global Outlook | Notch Consulting
  • Disruptive Forces in the Global Feedstock Market | Cabot Corporation
  • Impact of Changing Oil Prices on CBFS Choices | China Carbon Black Institute
  • Viewing Feedstock Costs for Total Value | The Alpen Group
  • Feedstocks: More than Just Yield | Pro2Act Management SAS
  • Innovation in Equipment Manufacturing | SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK (formerly ALSTOM)
  • Refractory Innovation: Materials for Higher Operating Temperatures | DSF Refractories
  • Carbon Black Energy Saving | Doright
  • Developments in 900+C Air Preheating | Ekström & Son 

Innovations in Carbon Black

Health and Regulatory Concerns

  • Greening the Carbon Black Industry | GANPADS
  • Carbon Blacks to Meet Fuel Economy Standards for Commercial Tires | Sid Richardson Carbon and Energy
  • Rolling Resistance and New Technologies | Orion Engineered Carbons
  • Trends in Silica Usage in Passenger Tires | Smithers Rapra
  • Tire Pyrolysis and Recycled Carbon Black | McAfee Consulting
  • Bio-based Emergent Materials | The Ohio State University
  • Roundtable on Sustainability
  • ICBA Overview and Current Activities | Cabot Corporation
  • Update on Carbon Black Mortality Studies | MIT & Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  •  PAH Regulations and Test Methods for Rubber Articles | Scientist of Birla Carbon
  • Nanomaterial Discussion and its Impact on Carbon Black Health Concerns | Center of Sid Richardson

Crystal Ball Wisdom

  • Branding for the Industry: Where is our “Got Milk?” | The Richards Group
  • Keynote: Crystal Ball Wisdom for Our Industry | Birla Carbon