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2024 Advisory Board

Smithers are excited to announce the experts who will help shape the programme for the upcoming Recovered Carbon Black Asia, hosted on 24-25 September 2024 in Qingdao, China. 
These experts hail from across the supply chain, bringing years of knowledge and experience to curate a programme that is balanced, informative and exciting.
Paul Ita - Notch Consulting

Paul Ita

President at Notch Consulting
Martin Von Wolfersdorff - Wolfersdorff Consulting

Martin Von Wolfersdorff

Principal Advisor at Wolfersdorff Consulting
Xiaoyan Chen - Qingdao Ecostar Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd

Xiaoyan Chen

General Manager at Qingdao Ecostar Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd
Weidong Li - China Tyre Recycling Association

Weidong Li

President at China Tyre Recycling Association
Andy YUAN - Enrestec


Business Development Director at Enrestec
Hong Wang - Qingdao Black Cat

Hong Wang

General Manager at Qingdao Black Cat