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ECOSTAR Green Ecological Recycling Demonstration Facility
ECOSTAR, a subsidiary of Doublestar Group, is the world's largest and leading enterprise in waste tire pyrolysis. ECOSTAR's high-quality, high-value-added products are widely used in industries such as tire manufacturing and rubber products.
The Dongjiakou Green Ecological Recycling Demonstration Facility is the third intelligent recycling factory established by ECOSTAR. This project serves as a model by integrating "green ecological recycling, environmentally friendly rubber, intelligent equipment, and an Industry 4.0 overall solution." It has an annual processing capacity of 25,000 tons of waste tires, with a carbon reduction potential of 30,000 tons.
The demonstration project employs independently developed waste tire recycling technology and equipment, which have been recognized as a major scientific and technological project by the Ministry of Science and Technology. This technology ensures zero residue, zero pollution, and zero emissions in the high-value, harmless treatment of waste tires. The project not only supports the implementation of the national "dual carbon" strategy and accelerates the construction of a waste material recycling system, but also creates a replicable ECOSTAR solution for the industry.