Recovered Carbon Black Sponsors & Exhibitors

Waste-to-Resources Technologies such as that of Ecolomondo will play a fundamental role in the expansion of the circular economy.

For more than 25 years, Ecolomondo has invested considerable resources to develop its Thermal Decomposition Technology. “Our dedicated technical teams have been instrumental in systematically overcoming critical operational challenges in process optimization, security and automation, still plaguing many other pyrolysis companies” says Eliot Sorella, CEO of Ecolomondo.

Ecolomondo offers a robust and sustainable solution to responsibly process scrap tire waste to create quality recycled end products, including carbon black that would be re-used to manufacture new products. To achieve this important milestone, we must all be mindful that the quality of recycled resources must be of such quality that they meet industry standards.

Ecolomondo has been very proactive in this area of end product quality and believes that its achievements have been ground-breaking, especially with its recycled carbon black. Ecolomondo’s “Mondo Black” achieves the quality standards that is needed to achieve market acceptance.