GREIF-VELOX Maschinenfabrik GmbH

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GREIF-VELOX is one of the oldest companies in the world. We look back on 1000 years of company history. Starting in the year 1100, monks founded the gripping mill and laid the foundation for many centuries of practical experience, which is important for efficient bagging, filling and palletizing. More than 100 years ago, these experiences led to the founding of the GREIF plants, which designed and implemented innovative palletising robots, bagging machines and bottling plants.

From this foundation, GREIF-VELOX grew with more than 150 experts who every day cultivate the tradition of the innovation culture that has grown over 1000 years and thus set new benchmarks in the industry.

From over 1000 years of experience, we know that customers do not need standard solutions from the "shelf", but individual concepts and developments. This individuality usually does not only increase the production quality and quantity, but also leads to strong competitive advantages, which pay off very quickly!