Recovered Carbon Black Sponsors & Exhibitors

Tyrebirth is an Italian company based in Piombino, Tuscany.

We have developed in collaboration with the Chemistry Department of the University of Florence a process of smart recycling of end of life or scrap tyres. The process developed by university researchers and our Engineers is based on the principle of pyrolysis, i.e. the "decomposition" of tyres by heat treatment obtained by using microwaves as a source of energy (MAP).

Tyrebirth has patented the process and the plant designed to develop it on an industrial level.

In 2018 Tyrebirth built its first experimental industrial plant (at the prototype level) in our factory in Piombino.

Since October 2018 the process has been gradually refined, in collaboration with different Tyre manufacturers and other carbon black users, in order to achieve the best possible quality features.

In this moment a full-size plant is under construction and will be installed in Summer 2019 in Piombino.