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Interview with National University of Tainan

Ahead of Carbon Black World 2023, we spoke with Jarrn-Horng Lin​, Professor & Chairman, Department of Materials Science at National University of Tainan (NUTN), to get a sneak peek of what we can expect from his presentation on 'Strategic development of porous carbon structures for use in energy storage devices'. Here's what he had to say...


Q1. Your presentation at this year’s Carbon Black World will cover Carbon material applications in energy storage devices (metallic ion batteries and supercapacitors. Why is it important for others in the industry to hear this message? What are some of the key take-aways?

Carbon black (CB) is commonly used in rubber reinforcement; however, only a few types of CB are used as e-conductive additives in energy-storage devices. If we can learn from the concepts of porous carbon, hard carbon, and layer-structure graphite used in energy-storage devices, we will be well on our way. CB may be able to investigate high-end applications in the near future.

Key take-aways: Key characteristics of carbon materials used in energy-storage devices

Q2. What are the main challenges that the industry is facing and how do you think that this conference can address them?

CB faces a significant challenge with silica in tire applications; however, if CB can explore new applications in the energy field, it will generate new markets. It requires the collaboration of industry and academia to establish new opportunities.

Q3. What do you think will be some of the most interesting advancements in materials or processing in the near future? 

Create new opportunities by developing new carbon black structures for use in energy-storage devices.

Q4.What are you most looking forward to hearing and/or seeing at Carbon Black World 2023?

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