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Carbon Black Workshop - Pathways to Net Zero

Monday 13 May 2024 | 14:00 - 16:30 CEST | Vienna, Austria

Led by: Martin Von Wolfersdorff, Gay Wyn E. Quance, Peter Osborne and Randall B Smith


Workshop Focus

95% of the global carbon black production come from the furnace process. This is the most flexible process for producing a wide variety of carbon black grades with different specific surface areas and structures. The furnace process has been much improved over the last 8 decades, including, among many others, improvements to energy recovery, feedstock injection and type of the feedstock. As of 2024, all tier 1 carbon black producers have pledged for net zero by 2050 and we start to see new types of carbon blacks and carbon black blends with a lower carbon footprint in the market.

Why you should attend

This workshop explores potential pathways to net zero in three sessions. In session 1, we look at the status quo of carbon black manufacturing processes and carbon emissions. In session 2, we discuss process optimisations and alternative processes. In session 3, we sketch and discuss pathways to net zero.

Who should attend

The workshop is intended for technical and non-technical participants alike. We welcome questions and an open discussion about carbon emissions and net zero.

Workshop Agenda

  • 14:00 Registration and workshop introduction
  • 14:15 Session 1: Status quo
    • Overview on carbon black manufacturing processes (furnace, thermal, gas)
    • Definitions: Carbon neutral, net zero, scope 1-3 etc.
    • Furnace process CO2e emissions by feedstock, grade and post-processing
    • EU carbon black industry emissions overview
  • 15:00 Refreshment break
  • 15:20 Session 2: Process optimisations and alternative processes
    • Carbon black product definitions
    • Circular and renewable furnace carbon blacks
    • Recovered carbon blacks
    • Methane carbon blacks
    • Noyes carbon blacks
  • 15:50 Session 3: Pathways to net zero
    • Sketches for pathways to net zero
    • Open discussion
  • 16:30 End of workshop