Hosokawa Micron Group

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The Hosokawa Micron Group is the global leader in powder processing solutions including size reduction, classification, blending, drying, compaction and containment systems.   The Hosokawa Micron Group specializes in grit reduction systems to produce both high quality, low grit grades of carbon black for many industrial applications, and zero grit product for high value, specialty grade carbon black applications.   The Mikro-EACM Air Classifying Mill is capable of reducing grit levels to < 1 PPM + 325 Mesh efficiently at low operating costs.  For zero grit specialty grade applications, the Mikro-EACM Air Classifying Mill may be a possible solution to reduce the coarse particles, or as an alternative the Micron Separator Air Classifier could be utilized to remove the grit altogether from the carbon black product.