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Speaker Interview with Krzysztof Wróblewski

60 seconds with the CEO of Contec Sp z o.o.

Ahead of the upcoming Recovered Carbon Black 2020 conference, we spoke with Krzysztof Wr√≥blewski, CEO of Contec Sp z o.o. He gave us a sneak peek of what we can expect from his presentation exploring pyrolysis reactor design considerations.

Your presentation will discuss 'pyrolysis reactor design considerations and its influence on rCB quality'. Can you give us an insight of what delegates will hear?

Delegates will hear about the most popular designs of pyrolysis reactors and what are their pros and cons. Also, why the reaction kinetics and history of each rubber particle are so important in the overall quality of acquired rCB. Additionally, several examples of our own research from industrial-scale demonstrators will be presented.

What are the existing and future technologies that can help get better results?

Mastering heat transfer during continuous pyrolysis in an effective and controlled manner would be a huge step forward towards achieving excellent and repeatable rCB that is in demand. One of the future technologies that can help get better results is using a heat exchange medium to control temperature of the process in a more accurate way for the entire reaction volume. Also, by using mathematical models of reactors and hopefully machine learning in future, we could develop even better performing apparatus.

What are the main challenges that the industry is facing and how do you think that this conference can address them?

One of the main challenges that the industry is facing now is that proven technologies are not high quality and effective. However, novel technologies, which are designed for rCB technologies are not validated yet. The purpose of this conference is to bring more understanding to the main factors which are necessary to obtain sustainable products through safe and effective processes.

Why do you feel this is an important event to be involved in?

The second edition of the Recovered Carbon Black Congress is a must for everyone who is interested in bringing more value to ELT recycling. The urge to solve the huge problem of waste tires creates a great chance to share experiences and develop solutions together to kickoff rCB as a perfect example of circular economy.

Krzysztof joins our 'production plant equipment & process updates' session on day two of the conference alongside experts from Hosokawa Alpine AG and NETZSCH.