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Technological Innovation and High Value Application Practice of Recycling Carbon Black

In response to the current challenges of high energy consumption, severe pollution, and limited value extraction from waste tire processing and recycling, Ecostar has successfully engineered a state-of-the-art, continuous, and environmentally friendly waste tire processing system with a capacity of 10,000 tons. This innovation has been implemented in three demonstration projects, leading to significant enhancements in the performance metrics of recycled carbon black.

This advanced technology offers a viable alternative to industrial carbon black, either as a standalone replacement or in conjunction with it. Its applications extend to a wide range of industries, including truck and passenger tire manufacturing, engineering tire production, power car tire development, passenger vehicle tire production, conveyor belt manufacturing, transmission belt production, rubber hose manufacturing, seals production, plastics manufacturing, coatings production, and shipboard construction.

Through the successful integration of this technology into these diverse sectors, Ecostar has established a sustainable, low-carbon, and closed-loop industrial ecosystem that revolves around the concept of “resources to products to wate to renewable resources.” Currently, the annual processing capacity for waste tires has surpassed 200,000 tons. This achievement positions Ecostar as the sole comprehensive enterprise in the rCB industry, encompassing equipment research and development, manufacturing, factory construction, production operations, research and development of eco-friendly materials, sales of these materials, and their practical application across various industries.

At Recovered Carbon Black in November, Xiaoyan Chen, General Manager at Qingdao Ecostar Intelligent Equipment Co will be presenting about the technological innovation and high value application practice of the recycling of carbon black, to provide you with even more insights into this important topic. To hear more about this presentation and to gain more insights into the recycling of carbon black, join us at the rCB conference on 6-8 November in Barcelona, Spain. Other presentations during the Technical Applications session include:

- Developing a more sustainable EPDM extrusion compound using sustainable carbonaceous material, Yusuf Güner, R&D Materials Expert at Standard Profil Group

- Upgrading Reclaimed Carbon: performance characteristics of Sterling® SO RC110 in sidewall and weather strip applications, Dr. Xin Tan, Senior Scientist at Cabot Corporation

- Recovered carbon black in the compounding of general rubber goods: we stand ready, Andrea Ravasio, R&D Director and Klas Lindberg, Purchasing Director at Hexpol Compounding

Featuring speakers hailing from esteemed companies such as Michelin, Circtec, Scandinavian Enviro Systems, Bridgestone, Continental, Cabot, Hexpol Compounding and many more, the agenda is packed with enlightening content, the agenda guarantees that this year’s conference will surpass the previous ones. Find out more about the agenda here

The 2022 conference sold out with over one month to go and was described as “Europe’s leading rCB industry event!” Find out more and book here