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2020 Speakers

Take a look at the experts who spoke at the 2020 Recovered Carbon Black Conference...

Mr. Christian Kaiser - Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP

Mr. Christian Kaiser

Department Inorganic Materials and Recycling at Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP
Francois Masson - Michelin

Francois Masson

Head of Recycling Strategy and Business at Michelin
Paul Ita - Notch Consulting Group, USA

Paul Ita

President at Notch Consulting Group, USA
Dr. Vitaly Khusidman - G3C Technologies Corporation

Dr. Vitaly Khusidman

Founder and CEO at G3C Technologies Corporation
Gilles Moninot - Birla Carbon

Gilles Moninot

Sustainability and Circularity at Birla Carbon
Rajesh Singh - Trident Energy Group

Rajesh Singh

Director of Technology & Innovation at Trident Energy Group
Andreas Kyriakos - Weibold

Andreas Kyriakos

Senior Strategy Consultant at Weibold
Robert Harper - EuroEco Fuels

Robert Harper

CEO at EuroEco Fuels
Richard Chiari - Semperit Group

Richard Chiari

Global Lead Buyer Carbon Black at Semperit Group
Christian Höfels - NETZSCH

Christian Höfels

Process Technology Development at NETZSCH
Scott Farnham - Kal Tire

Scott Farnham

Director of Recycling Services at Kal Tire
Tony Wibbeler - Bolder Industries

Tony Wibbeler

CEO at Bolder Industries
Fredrik Olofsson - Scandinavian Enviro Systems

Fredrik Olofsson

Sales Manager at Scandinavian Enviro Systems
Barbara Harrer - Semperit

Barbara Harrer

Head of Raw Material Development at Semperit
Martin Von Wolfersdorff - Wolfersdorff Consulting

Martin Von Wolfersdorff

Principal Advisor at Wolfersdorff Consulting
Silvio Ghyoot - Black Bear Carbon

Silvio Ghyoot

CEO at Black Bear Carbon
Andy Yuan - Enrestec

Andy Yuan

Senior Project Manager at Enrestec
Bernhard Renner     - Hosokawa Alpine AG

Bernhard Renner

Senior Sales Manager, Chemical Division at Hosokawa Alpine AG
Niels Raeder - RCB Nanotechnologies GmbH

Niels Raeder

Founder & Managing Director at RCB Nanotechnologies GmbH
Alexander Krauser - Hosokawa Alpine AG

Alexander Krauser

Head of Sales Chemicals Division at Hosokawa Alpine AG
Timothy B. Hoover - Piper Sandler & Co

Timothy B. Hoover

Managing Director Project Finance Investment Banking at Piper Sandler & Co
Robert Genovese - Delta-Energy Group LLC

Robert Genovese

President & CEO at Delta-Energy Group LLC
John Sheerin - US Tire Manufacturers Association

John Sheerin

Director, End-of-life Tire Programs at US Tire Manufacturers Association
Thomas Sörensson - Scandinavian Enviro Systems AB

Thomas Sörensson

CEO at Scandinavian Enviro Systems AB
Marc Giersemehl - Neuman & Esser

Marc Giersemehl

Technical Managing Director at Neuman & Esser
Nate Murphy - Bolder Industries

Nate Murphy

Chief Technology Officer at Bolder Industries
Pieter Ter Haar - EuroEco Fuels

Pieter Ter Haar

Director rCB at EuroEco Fuels