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2022 Speakers

Celso Magri - Orion Engineered Carbons GmbH

Celso Magri

Global Marketing and Sustainability Director Rubber at Orion Engineered Carbons GmbH
Paul Ita - Notch Consulting,Inc.

Paul Ita

President at Notch Consulting,Inc.
Krzysztof Wróblewski - CONTEC S.A.

Krzysztof Wróblewski

Tommi Pajala - Ecomation Oy

Tommi Pajala

COO at Ecomation Oy
Ad van Oorschot - Black Bear Carbon

Ad van Oorschot

Sales and R&D Director at Black Bear Carbon
Alex Bowles - Imperial College London

Alex Bowles

PhD Researcher at Imperial College London
Pascal Klein - Pyrum Innovations

Pascal Klein

CEO at Pyrum Innovations
Robert Harper - Circtec

Robert Harper

Co-founder and Deputy CEO at Circtec
Richard Chiari - Semperit Group

Richard Chiari

Global Lead Buyer Carbon Black at Semperit Group
Dr. Andreas Topp - Continental

Dr. Andreas Topp

Vice President Material & Process Development & Industrialization Tires at Continental
Tony Wibbeler - Bolder Industries

Tony Wibbeler

Founder, CEO at Bolder Industries
Jean Luc Cornillon - Michelin

Jean Luc Cornillon

Director of Research Programs at Michelin
Martin Von Wolfersdorff - Wolfersdorff Consulting

Martin Von Wolfersdorff

Principal Advisor at Wolfersdorff Consulting
Alf Blomqvist - Scandinavian Enviro Systems

Alf Blomqvist

Chairman at Scandinavian Enviro Systems
Clara Silva  - University of Aveiro, Portugal and BB&G AWES

Clara Silva

PhD student in Chemical Engineering at University of Aveiro, Portugal and BB&G AWES
Victor Vreeken - Black Bear Carbon

Victor Vreeken

CEO at Black Bear Carbon
Raffaele di Ronza - Bridgestone Europe

Raffaele di Ronza

R&D Open Innovation Expert at Bridgestone Europe
Dr Cristina Bergmann - Ergon, Inc. & Process Oils, Inc

Dr Cristina Bergmann

Business Development Director Process Oils at Ergon, Inc. & Process Oils, Inc
Breno Asprino - Polimix Ambiental

Breno Asprino

CEO at Polimix Ambiental
Dr Martin A. Bohn - BASF

Dr Martin A. Bohn

Strategic Procurement, Chemical Recycling at BASF
Prof. Dr. Jorge Lacayo-Pineda - Continental Tires

Prof. Dr. Jorge Lacayo-Pineda

R&D Global Tire Testing at Continental Tires
Franz Friebel - FemtoG

Franz Friebel

Founder & CEO at FemtoG
Dr Daniel Karhoff - Neuman & Esser

Dr Daniel Karhoff

Research & Development Engineer at Neuman & Esser
Claus Lamer - Robert Weibold GmbH

Claus Lamer

Senior Pyrolysis Consultant at Robert Weibold GmbH
Marco Musaio - Bridgestone Europe NV/SA

Marco Musaio

Head of End of Life Tire & Circular Economy at Bridgestone Europe NV/SA
Dr Joe Hallett - Birla Carbon

Dr Joe Hallett

Technical Lead for Continua™ at Birla Carbon
Sander Vermeulen  - Michelin

Sander Vermeulen

Vice President – End-of-Life Rubber Products Recycling Business at Michelin
Pieter ter Haar - CIRCTEC / ASTM

Pieter ter Haar

Director Research and Development at CIRCTEC / ASTM
Chris Norris - Artis

Chris Norris

General Manager at Artis
Cristiana Maganinho  - University of Aveiro, Portugal and BB&G AWES

Cristiana Maganinho

PhD student in Chemical Engineering at University of Aveiro, Portugal and BB&G AWES
Kees van Oostenrijk - RecyBEM B.V

Kees van Oostenrijk

CEO at RecyBEM B.V
Nick White - Ergon, Inc. & Process Oils, Inc

Nick White

Vice President of Business Development, Process Oils at Ergon, Inc. & Process Oils, Inc
Eliot Sorella - Ecolomondo Corporation

Eliot Sorella

CEO & Chairman at Ecolomondo Corporation