2019 Speakers

  • Jean-Paul Bouysset

    Senior Consultant Rubber Products Pyrolysis & Regeneration

    Jean-Paul Bouysset has 38 years experience in the Rubber and Carbon-Black Industries including laboratory control, technical assistance and marketing, in Western Europe and Africa. He holds a degree of Rubber Engineer and has been working for different international companies including Phillips-Petroleum, Continental carbon, Columbian chemicals. In 1992 he created his own company D.Z.S for Rubber chemicals, for Carbon-Black(Birla-Carbon), laboratory equipment(Titan). He retired in 2005 and since then has been a consulting engineer in rubber recycling, pyrolysis and rubber regeneration and is a partner of Phenix-Technologies SAS. He is member of AFICEP (French rubber engineers association), ASTM (D36 r CB committee) and has been an ETRA V.P for 21 years (European Tire Recycling Association). He created the ETRA Pyrolysis Forum and active in different funded projects to develop the characterisation and use of secondary raw materials produced with post consumer tyre pyrolysis and devulcanisation.He is member of the SMG group (Sustainable Materials Group) founded by the Technical center ARTIS (Avon UK) .

    Interests : New secondary raw materials(characteristics and markets) produced by pyrolysis,devulcanization ,granulation and micronization of used tyres .

    Funded projects : DEVULC PROJECT France*

                                    PYROL-X PROJECT Norway*

                                    RECYCLTYRE PROJECT Germany-France*

                                    TYGRE PROJECT Italy*


                                    *country of the coordinator 




  • Lucky Braimoh

    Director Business Development & Sales Titan International

    My goal has always been to provide innovative solutions to businesses, exceed customers’ expectations, and develop strategic partnerships that will contribute remarkably to a business success. I value focus, hard work, challenges, determination, and completing a project on time.
    I am a dynamic, visionary, and performance-driven professional in the oil and gas industry with 20+ years’ record of achievement and demonstrated success. Signature accomplishments are in leadership, account management, technical and commercial sales, business development and customer service, as well as driving multi-million dollar revenue growth while providing visionary sales leadership in a highly competitive market.

    • Canada
  • Serge Da Silva

    R&D Director Alpha Recyclage

    Biography available soon 

  • Pavol Feher

    Tire Pyrolysis Expert Weibold

    Pavol Fehér is the tire pyrolysis expert in Weibold's team. Pavol pursued career in the petrochemical industry where he had been working on all aspects of thermal conversion of waste materials: from feedstock preparation to end products in R&D projects at Slovnaft Refinery and MOL Group. He researched treatment feasibility of waste materials, particularly waste tires and plastics, and worked with technologies designed to improve pyrolytic fuels. 


    R&D projects run by Mr. Fehér, aimed at upgrading the quality, storage stability and performance properties of waste tire pyrolysis fuels, catalytic hydrotreatment or co-processing of tire-derived pyrolysis liquids, their stabilization and use as gasoline, diesel and fuel oil, as well as raw materials for high-value solvents, polymers and petrochemicals produced at refineries.

  • Jeffrey Flannery

    CEO Delta Energy Group

    Jeffrey Flannery has spent most of the last twenty years engaged in a number of sustainability technology efforts.  He currently is the CEO and President of Delta Energy Group, LLC which has developed a commercial scale process which produces carbon and liquid chemicals from tire derived feedstock.  These chemicals are being used in the manufacture of new tires and for other purposes. The current plant in Natchez, Mississippi processes the equivalent of five million tires annually. The Delta process was developed by the R.J. Lee Group, in Monroeville, PA.  Delta Energy is supported by Castleton Commodities International and Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations. 

  • Dennis Harper

    Business Development Green Carbon, Inc

    Dennis W. Harper, Director of Business Development for Green Carbon Inc., has 35 years of executive level Sales/Business Development experience in many Technical Industries including both commercial and State/Federal governmental projects.  He also has 10 years of Print Bindery equipment operations management experience with responsibility for global catalog manufacturing and distribution. Dennis has been trained in Batch System Scrap Tire De Polymerization Systems in both Theory Design as well as demonstration models for vacuum and thermal oxidizing concepts. Currently developing OTR, Auto/Truck tire markets, Specialty Mining Tire Markets, and Airport recycling solutions where byproduct use with L/H Oil, Recoverable Carbon Black, Syngas, and Steel Recycling has been shown to be very applicable. Dennis has participated in many industrial studies in the rCB market initiatives along with Scientist and ASTM programs. His focus is both domestic and International market applications for scrap tire Thermal Decomposition with countries like Africa, Australia,  ASEAN Nations, South America, and remote areas where underdeveloped infrastructures are present. He also has Experience with custom roto molding, vacuum extrusion, and Injection molding for engineered high/low density polyethylene products for various markets and participated in the first hand held satellite voice solutions for telephony backup and remote GIS Systems for the Iridium project supported by Motorola. He has four years’ experience with Hydrogen Infusion Technology that enhances combustion efficiency ratios of Diesel engines in Transportation, Locomotive, and Maritime markets which dramatically help reduce GHG emissions. Dennis holds a BS DEGREE in BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION with Dual minors in E-Business & IT, UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX & AS DEGREE in BUSINESS with Minor Studies in Electro-Mechanical Engineering/Management, AIKEN TECHNICAL COLLEGE.                          

  • Jurgen Heers

    Head of Group Procurement Compounding Materials Semperit AG-Holding

    Jurgen Heers has 24 years experience in global procurement of raw materials (synthetic and natural rubber, chemicals, steelcables and wires, technical fabrics) and is currently  Head of Group Procurement Compounding Materials at Semperit

  • Francois Masson

    Global Head of the TREC (“Tire Recycling”) BU Michelin

    Francois Masson is the Global Head of the TREC (“Tire Recycling”) BU of Michelin

  • Abed Muhammad

    Chief Engineer CBp

    Abed Muhammad has experience with development and enhancement of f ully automatic continuous Tyre recycling Pyrolysis Systems (including all steps from shredding to Carbon black pelleting and packing).

  • Giorgio Muller

    Sales & Marketing Director Europe/Asia Hexpol Compounding

    Giorgio Muller is the Sales&Marketing Director Europe/Asia for Hexpol Compounding

  • Chris Norris

    General Manager Artis

    At ARTIS, my role is to manage our specialist team of technicians and scientists to deliver our clientswith expert advice and support towards their product development and business goals. ARTIS is aaccredited testing and consultancy business and, along with its parent company AVON Rubber, hasover 125 years of experience in the rubber industry.

  • Fredrik Oloffson

    Sales Manager Scandinavian Enviro Systems

    Biography available soon 

  • Shane Perl

    Principal The Alpen Group, USA

    Shane Perl is the founder and principal at the Alpen Group. Before forming the consulting group, he worked at Cabot as the director of strategic sourcing. Previous to that he focused on chemicals with Management Engineers and BASF.

  • Martin von Wolfersdorff

    Principal Advisor Wolfersdorff Consulting, Germany

    Martin von Wolfersdorff is a consultant specialising in alternative rubber fillers and tire pyrolysis. He is in contact with over 320 tire pyrolysis companies globally and advises tyre manufacturing associations, tire manufacturers, tire collectors, refineries, pyrolysis technology providers & operators on the global tire pyrolysis industry and the marketing of recovered carbon black. Previously, Martin worked in the carbon black industry with Cabot, in the custom colour masterbatch industry with Americhem and in the white pigment industry with Huntsman Pigments. Martin holds a Dipl. Ing. (Univ.) degree in chemical engineering from the Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen-Nürnberg in Germany.

  • Robert Weibold

    Founder Weibold

    Robert Weibold is the founder and head of the consulting company Weibold, focused exclusively on scrap tire recycling and tire pyrolysis. Weibold helps companies successfully build and upgrade tire recycling and tire pyrolysis businesses. 


    The company was founded in 1999 and, over the years, Weibold gathered an international team of experts and established a large professional network involving researchers, decision makers and authorities. Today, Robert Weibold and his team maintain liaison with numerous industry players, including world’s leading innovators. This enables the company to receive first-hand information about markets, new products and innovative technologies in the field of tire recycling. 


    Moreover, Weibold maintains liaison with a large number of industry participants and issues one of the most comprehensive monthly newsletters in the world dedicated exclusively to tire recycling and pyrolysis. Currently, the newsletter reaches over 14,000 direct subscribers and the number keeps growing. Weibold is welcoming readers to subscribe to the newsletter at www.weibold.com to receive the most important information about the tire recycling industry every month.

  • Tony Wibbeler

    CEO Bolder Industries

    Tony Wibbeler is CEO of  Bolder Industries. Bolder Industries solves challenging environmental issues for the industrial waste industry bydeveloping sustainable products and services through technology. Our charter product, BolderBlack™, is a sustainable alternative to traditional carbon black produced using waste tires thatwould otherwise be placed in landfills or incinerated. We create Bolder Black in a net energypositive facility that emits 90% less CO2e and uses 90% less H2O than traditional methods

    • USA