2019 Speakers

Thank you to all our 2019 speakers for their support

  • Christian Höfels

    Process Technology Development

    Christian Höfels studied process engineering to a bachelor degree in Hamburg and finished his academic education with a master degree in process engineering at the university of Braunschweig. He joined NETZSCH Trockenmahltechnik GmbH, a company specialized in fine grinding and classifying, six years ago. As a specialist for “Process Technology Development” he is in charge for new trends and optimization in all kinds of processes. The activities start with trials in the test lab, go on to the construction and up to commissioning and optimization of the plants in industrial operation.

  • Jens Elton Anderson

    CEO and Partner WindSpace

    WindSpace is an experienced project developer company within renewable energy and sustainability projects with operations in Europe. The Company has developed, installed and operated 7 wind parks, developed 17 PV projects and has a wind park pipeline of 300 MW.

    Jens Elton Andersen is through many years CEO and partner in WindSpace and has 12 years of experience in the renewable energy industry with expertise in managing and overseeing the financial and legal aspects of project delivery and operations. Prior to WindSpace, he worked for 15 years in the finance sector including Danske Bank and Nordea within investment advisory, portfolio management as well as wealth management. His expertise includes private equity investments, financial management and corporate governance.

    At WindSpace, Jens has primary responsibility for: Executive management, M&A, project financing and risk management.


    WindSpace is in the process of developing a tire pyrolysis project in Nyborg, Denmark through a special purpose vehicle (SPV) called Elysium Nordic. The Project is based on novel pyrolysis technology allowing the Project to extract all value from used tires in the form of steel, oil and especially recovered carbon black and becoming part of the circular economy. Jens Elton Andersen is also CEO in Elysium Nordic.


  • Jean-Paul Bouysset

    Senior Consultant Rubber Products Pyrolysis & Regeneration

    Jean-Paul Bouysset has 38 years experience in the Rubber and Carbon-Black Industries including laboratory control, technical assistance and marketing, in Western Europe and Africa. He holds a degree of Rubber Engineer and has been working for different international companies including Phillips-Petroleum, Continental carbon, Columbian chemicals. In 1992 he created his own company D.Z.S for Rubber chemicals, for Carbon-Black(Birla-Carbon), laboratory equipment(Titan). He retired in 2005 and since then has been a consulting engineer in rubber recycling, pyrolysis and rubber regeneration and is a partner of Phenix-Technologies SAS. He is member of AFICEP (French rubber engineers association), ASTM (D36 r CB committee) and has been an ETRA V.P for 21 years (European Tire Recycling Association). He created the ETRA Pyrolysis Forum and active in different funded projects to develop the characterisation and use of secondary raw materials produced with post consumer tyre pyrolysis and devulcanisation.He is member of the SMG group (Sustainable Materials Group) founded by the Technical center ARTIS (Avon UK) .

    Interests : New secondary raw materials(characteristics and markets) produced by pyrolysis,devulcanization ,granulation and micronization of used tyres .

    Funded projects : DEVULC PROJECT France*

                                    PYROL-X PROJECT Norway*

                                    RECYCLTYRE PROJECT Germany-France*

                                    TYGRE PROJECT Italy*


                                    *country of the coordinator 




  • Lucky Braimoh

    Director Business Development & Sales Titan International

    Dr. Lucky Braimoh is the Director of Business Development and Sales at Titan Tire Reclamation Corporation, a subsidiary of Titan International. Before joining Titan, Dr. Braimoh has over two decades of experience in the Oil & Gas industry, working and consulting for multi-national Energy organizations and service providers, and has lived and worked in the US, UK, Latin America and Africa. He relocated with his family to Canada in 2009 and is presently based out of Fort McMurray, Alberta. His interest is in exploring alternative fillers for rubber and plastic manufacturers, with a primary focus on tire pyrolysis and the future of waste tires and rubberized products recycle, reclaim and re-use. Dr. Braimoh is in collaboration with numerous stakeholders and practitioners in the tire pyrolysis such as tire manufacturing agencies, tire manufacturers, crumb rubber manufactures and users, equipment manufacturers  and other operators in the recovered carbon black industry. Dr. Braimoh holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial chemistry as well as Masters and Doctorate in Business and Leadership. He is married to Edith and both of them are blessed with three lovely children.

    • Canada
  • Paolo Budroni

    Sales & Marketing Director Tyrebirth

    Studied mechanical engineering in Germany, for more than 17 years maintenance head of an important Textile group in Italy. 

    Since 2008 CEO of an international sourcing agency, creating a world wide sourcing and trading net.

    Since 2017 board member and sales executive of Tyrebirth srl.

  • Lawrence Culliford

    Business Development Ecolomondo

    Lawrence is currently working within Business Development at Ecolomondo 

  • Serge Da Silva

    R&D Director Alpha Recyclage

    Serge Da Silva is R&D Director at Alpha Recyclage

  • Ergün Altin

    Senior R&D Manager Hosokawa Alpine AG

    Ergün Altin, Sr. R+D Manager, has more than 10 years experience in  mechanical process engineering. After his Ph.D in Inorganic Chemistry and a Postdoctoral Research Study in Particle technology he gained profound knowledge and expertise in leading of R+D projects concerning grinding and classifying technologies for Hosokawa Alpine. As Project Manager he was responsible for the development of an energy-optimized grinding process for recovered Carbon Black.

  • Matthias Eske

    Sales Manager

    Education: electrical and programmer engineer, working in special mechanical engineering, since 1999 in area of Recycling Industries, since 2006 Sales Manager for Recycling plants and machines

  • Jurgen Heers

    Head of Group Procurement Compounding Materials Semperit AG-Holding

    Jurgen Heers has 24 years experience in global procurement of raw materials (synthetic and natural rubber, chemicals, steelcables and wires, technical fabrics) and is currently  Head of Group Procurement Compounding Materials at Semperit

  • Jin Yanchao

    Vice Manager R&D Department Doright Co Ltd, China

    Mr Jin, Vice Manager of the R&D Department, has served with DORIGHT since 2009. He is in charge of R&D projects, customer solutions, EPC projects and ASME design review and uses his knowledge and view of carbon black line to provide appropriate solutions and equipment for carbon black producers. Mr Jin has a Master’s degree in Thermal Power Engineering. 

  • Andreas Kyriakos

    Partner Weibold

    With over 35 years of business experience in U.S., England, Singapore, Greece, Austria, and UAE, Mr. Kyriakos founded several companies associated with renewable energy, environment, IT and real estate, including an IPO in 2000. With his technological background, financial savvy, organizational know-how and team-leading experience, Mr. Kyriakos specializes in developing young companies. Currently, his business activity spans four continents.

  • Claus Lamer

    Business Development Manager Carbon Recovery GmbH

    Claus Lamer has 37 years of management and project management experience. Since 1999, he focussed to the fields of life science, renewable energy and environmental technology.

    Claus studied law for three years before switching to the private sector. He holds a DSc. (h.c.) degree from a leading university for complementary medical studies. He is a state certified exchange trader and certified Project Manager (PM ipma®).

    Claus is a Senator in the Senate of Economy (Austria) and member of the SMG group (Sustainable Materials Group) founded by the Technical center ARTIS (Avon UK).

    As a Co-founder of Carbon Recovery GmbH (Vienna, Austria), he has set a goal to take the first continuous ELT-pyrolysis-plant in Austria in operation, which is not classified as an (co-) incineration plant under the provisions of the European directives. Carbon Recovery GmbH owns an award-winning continuous vacuum ELT-pyrolysis technique (IPR registered since 2008), which has been significantly enhanced. The focus is on ecological and economic sustainability with locally adequate processing capacities.



  • Francois Masson

    Head of Recycling Strategy and Business Michelin

    Francois Masson is Head of Recycling Strategy and Business at Michelin 

  • Giorgio Muller

    Sales & Marketing Director Europe/Asia Hexpol Compounding

    Giorgio Muller is the Sales&Marketing Director Europe/Asia for Hexpol Compounding

  • Chris Norris

    General Manager Artis

    At ARTIS, my role is to manage our specialist team of technicians and scientists to deliver our clientswith expert advice and support towards their product development and business goals. ARTIS is aaccredited testing and consultancy business and, along with its parent company AVON Rubber, hasover 125 years of experience in the rubber industry.

  • Fredrik Olofsson

    Sales Manager Scandinavian Enviro Systems

    Fredrik Olofsson, Sales Manager at Scandinavian Enviro Systems AB (Enviro), has a long background in the Swedish rubber and plastic industry. Fredrik have had positions like Key Account Manager to the automotive industry, Quality and Environmental manager and IT manager. Long experience in rubber production such as injection, compression, extrusion and shaped hoses. He has studied at Chalmers University of Technology and has a Bachelor of engineering in Building and Construction and focus areas like quality, environmental, sustainability and total productive maintenance. As Sales Manager at Enviro his main focus is to implement recovered carbon black globally as a new raw material and commodity to the rubber- and tire industry. Scandinavian Enviro System AB´s recovered carbon black have now been subject for commercial deliveries for over 3 years and the interest in Enviro´s products, company and technology is continuing increasing. During his two years with Enviro he has experienced introduction of  Enviro´s rCB into rubber compound companies, general rubber production companies and by tire producers (solid tires). 

  • Shane Perl

    Principal The Alpen Group, USA

    Shane Perl is the founder and principal at the Alpen Group. Before forming the consulting group, he worked at Cabot as the director of strategic sourcing. Previous to that he focused on chemicals with Management Engineers and BASF.

  • Bob Rooney

    Director Rotawave

    Bob is a Director at Rotawave Scotland 

  • Jakub Szwajka

    Chief Marketing Officer MAKROchem

    Chief Marketing Officer at MAKROchem

  • Jean-Pierre Taverne

    Director Circular Economy & Coordinator ELT

    Mr. Jean-Pierre Taverne holds a degree in business administration from ICHEC (Brussels) with a specialisation in environmental issues. After a career in the EU tinplate (steel for packaging) industry as Technical & Environmental Affairs Manager, he joined ETRMA in September 2010. He coordinates ETRMA’s ELT companies network activities and Circular Economy-related regulatory initiatives. 

  • Pieter ter Haar

    Head of R&D and QA ASTM

    Pieter ter Haar is one of the founding members of the ASTM D36 Recovered carbon black (rCB) committee, and currently holds the position of vice chair. In addition to further expanding the knowledge and applicability of rCB, Pieter is committed to help the industry to develop and set up better and more relevant standards and test methods.

  • François Terrade

    Founder PRO2ACT MANAGEMENT, France

    A Chemical Engineer from Bordeaux France (ENSCPB), Francois Terrade has acquired nearly 37 years a huge knowledge of the Carbon Black Manufacturing.

    Working for Phillips Petroleum, Continental Carbon, Deutsch Degussa, Columbian Chemicals and Cabot Corporation, he met most of the existing technologies.

    From 1995-96 he had his own Consultancy business, with core business in the Total Quality Management Field in Germany, PQM™ support non licensed Carbon Black manufacturer as well as the Tire Recycling Business.

    In 1997 he returned to the Carbon Black manufacturing until 2011.

    In 2011 he founded PRO2ACT MANAGEMENT™ near Paris (France).

    Mssr. Terrade has been coaching more than 150 Carbon Black engineers & operators worldwide in 2012-2013 for several Key players in the Industry and their Raw Material suppliers (coal tar).

    In the Tire Pyrolysis Industry he has engaged himself in helping key players in finishing their product on a similar way to the regular historical Carbon Black Industry. 

  • Dr Vitaly Khusidman

    Chief Executive Officer G3C Technologies

    Dr. Vitaly Khusidman is a Founder and CEO of G3C Technologies Corporation. Dr. Khusidman has 35 years of innovation in process control for chemical, nuclear power, pharma and material handling industries, as well as broad experience in financial services; he is also experienced in starting and growing companies,  as well as in business and financial management. Dr. Khusidman has track of record in leading multi-discipline international teams of scientists and engineers, as well as innovation task forces.



  • Martin von Wolfersdorff

    Principal Advisor Wolfersdorff Consulting, Germany

    Martin von Wolfersdorff is a consultant specialising in alternative rubber fillers and tire pyrolysis. He is in contact with over 320 tire pyrolysis companies globally and advises tyre manufacturing associations, tire manufacturers, tire collectors, refineries, pyrolysis technology providers & operators on the global tire pyrolysis industry and the marketing of recovered carbon black. Previously, Martin worked in the carbon black industry with Cabot, in the custom colour masterbatch industry with Americhem and in the white pigment industry with Huntsman Pigments. Martin holds a Dipl. Ing. (Univ.) degree in chemical engineering from the Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen-Nürnberg in Germany.

  • Robert Weibold

    Founder Weibold

    Robert Weibold is the founder and head of the consulting company Weibold, focused exclusively on scrap tire recycling and tire pyrolysis. Weibold helps companies successfully build and upgrade tire recycling and tire pyrolysis businesses. 


    The company was founded in 1999 and, over the years, Weibold gathered an international team of experts and established a large professional network involving researchers, decision makers and authorities. Today, Robert Weibold and his team maintain liaison with numerous industry players, including world’s leading innovators. This enables the company to receive first-hand information about markets, new products and innovative technologies in the field of tire recycling. 


    Moreover, Weibold maintains liaison with a large number of industry participants and issues one of the most comprehensive monthly newsletters in the world dedicated exclusively to tire recycling and pyrolysis. Currently, the newsletter reaches over 14,000 direct subscribers and the number keeps growing. Weibold is welcoming readers to subscribe to the newsletter at www.weibold.com to receive the most important information about the tire recycling industry every month.

  • Tony Wibbeler

    CEO Bolder Industries

    Tony Wibbeler leads Bolder Industries with a great passion for protecting our environment, creating innovative products, and cultivating a company-culture that enhances the lives of all Bolder Industries employees.  He founded Bolder Industries in 2011 to solve inefficiencies he observed in the recycling industry while operating a vertically-integrated waste company that included landfills, recycling, and hauling in Central Florida.  Leveraging his past experiences in the field of medical devices, Mr. Wibbeler focuses on product development to create innovative, closed-loop solutions to reduce, reuse and upcycle various waste streams starting with waste tires.  He has led Bolder Industries to numerous business and innovation awards including Environmental Leader’s “Top Product of the Year” for Bolder Black, “Breakout Company of the Year” from the Colorado Cleantech Industries Association, and “Energy Manufacturer of the Year” from the Colorado Manufacturing Awards. 


    Mr. Wibbeler graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Industrial Manufacturing Technology. He serves on the boards of both the Colorado Cleantech Industries Association (CCIA) and Summit Middle School in the Boulder Valley School District. Outside the office, Tony loves to ski in the beautiful Colorado mountains, mountain bike, and cheer for Broncos football with his wife and two sons

    • USA