Interview with Ray Jin from Doright Co Ltd

Ahead of his presentation at this September’s Carbon Black World conference, we spoke to Ray Jin, Vice Manager R&D Department from Doright Co Ltd, to get his view on the current industry challenges and more information about his forthcoming presentation on Doright’s new Low NOx burner for dryer combustor technology.

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Please can you introduce yourself and your company?

DORIGHT CO., LTD. is a worldwide carbon black equipment and engineering package supplier, specialised in energy recovery and heat recycling solution. DORIGHT has certificates of ASME S and U, GB pressure vessel A1/A2, GB boiler A1 and GB pressure pipe GC2/GD2 for designing and manufacturing boilers and pressure vessels; certificates of ISO9001, OHSAS18001 and ISO14001 for system management. It has around 300 employees, including 75 engineers. The R&D centre has 32 engineers with solid theoretical foundation, rich experience in practice and spirit of innovation. Equipment designed and manufactured by DORIGHT, carbon black or chemical, petroleum industry, etc., is exported to many countries and areas such as USA, India, Japan, Russia, Egypt, Korea, Brazil, etc.

I am Ray Jin and have been working at DORIGHT since 2009 as an equipment engineer. I have experiences of static equipment design, like ASME S and U equipment, GB pressure vessel, as well as machinery design, like rotary dryer, pelletizer, etc. I am specialised in carbon black line equipment design, operation, trouble shooting and maintenance. Since 2010, I have managed more than 10 EPC projects as a project manager for carbon black line renovation. My work experiences have brought DORIGHT a strong understanding of the carbon black process and myself and my team provide clear solutions for carbon black producers. I am currently a Vice Manager of R&D department and focus on solutions for customers and technology innovation.

What will you be discussing at Carbon Black World 2018 and why is this important?

At Carbon Black World 2018, I will share DORIGHT's new technology, Low NOx Burner (LNB) for tail gas combustor. The pollution emission control all over the world is strict and most plants use a chemical method to scrub down the NOx, the ammonia and equipment operating cost is non- negligible. By using our low NOx burning technology, the NOx emission level after combustor will drop down to a significant low level therefore saving much money from SNCR and SCR operation. in addition, the operating cost of low NOx burner is very low. The best achievement of our low NOx burner is 80% reduction than initial NOx generation. The design of low NOx burner for carbon tail gas is so different from normal fuel due to its low heat value, i.e., low air-to-fuel ratio it has been developed so to adapt to carbon black process. 

What challenges do you see industry facing at the moment?

In my view, the industry now is facing the challenge of stricter requirement from customers. The developing new tyre technology will need more high quality carbon black. The carbon black producers might have to innovate their technologies to meet these requirements. The innovation is in every aspect, process, equipment, control, feedstock, etc. These are big challenges. The industry must keep pace with the demand of consumption and step to a new life cycle.