Russian Carbon Black in Europe

Ahead of his presentation at the 15th biennial edition of Carbon Black World, we spoke to Tomasz Celka, Managing Director at Omsk Carbon Europe GmbH about his work as part of the Omsk Carbon team, Russian carbon black in Europe and challenges faced by companies operating in the carbon black market.

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1. Please can you introduce yourself and your company

Omsk Carbon Group is the leading and fastest developing Russian base Carbon Black Manufacture. The company consequently year to year strength its presents at the global Carbon Black market. Behind the company growth and success are the people. Omsk Carbon Group Team, is an international managers and experts in its fields with the vision for the future presence of the company. 

I have joined Omsk Carbon Team over 4 years ago. I have found the company strategy and the vision for the development very interesting, therefore I had no doubt to become the Team member to be involved in such creation.
2. What will you be discussing at Carbon Black World 2018 and why is this important?

I would like to present Russian Carbon Black manufactures, who are becoming an important part of the global Carbon Black Supply. Russian Carbon Black, who are investing and developing its quality, product portfolio and supply solutions. Russian Carbon Black which can stand Today at the same line with the global Carbon Black Manufactures!

3. What challenges do you see industry facing at the moment?

Next 2-3 years are expected to be very challenging. Growing demand which may not be fully covered by the supply, will be very difficult for both sites of the market. Within the next 2-3 years the new productions capacities should be release to the market, including Omsk Carbon Group new manufacturing site in Mogiliev, what should stabilize the situation.

But long term, an interesting will be to observe further development of the global flow of Carbon Black supply. Movements of the products between Asia/Europe/N&S America. For the last couple of years, due to various reasons (economical and political) the flow of the material between the continents was highly affected.   This gives a lot of new opportunities. 

4. Can you share an interesting fact with us? (Optional and this can be related to anything)

Do you know, that without Carbon Black, the rubber tire would not last longer then 100km ride?...